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About Hobbit Hill Photography

Throughout my childhood, photography was always a minor hobby, but the cost of film and processing was somewhat prohibitive. In addition, my father shot only slides, so he urged me to do the same. This made it very difficult to enjoy the fruits of my own labor, as the slide projector needed to be set up to view my pictures, and I wasn't allowed to set it up myself at that age.

As a young adult, I purchased a Canon AE-1 and continued photographing my travels. By now, however, I was printing my photographs, so they could be easily viewed in albums. Over time, however, printed photographs always degrade. During the 1990's, two things happened to change my activities: my AE-1 finally broke beyond repair (I had a history at that time of carrying it in a saddlebag on my mototcycle - in retrospect, not the smartest idea), and digital cameras started appearing. The digital cameras were interesting, but they were just point and shoot devices that offered little control, and my photography efforts lapsed.

In the early 2000's, DSLR cameras began appearing and soon they were offering far more than even the most advanced film cameras even dreamed about. A friend convinced my to go with a Nikon D-40, and my future path was set. Since acquiring my first DSLR, I have taken advantage of the "free" nature (beyond the equipment) of digital technology to increase my skills. Also, today's digital storage and presentation systems assure that the photographs will always be of perfect quality.

Today, my wife and I almost never leave the house without our cameras. Unless we are on a tight schedule, stopping to take picures along the way is a normal part of our lives. Our vacations are always to a destination that will provide great scenery for photography. Some of these efforts are presented in the Gallery. Now that we are both retired, our efforts should continue as long as we are able.

I hope you enjoy...